Vajrayogini – Dorje Neljorma (Tib.)

Vajrapani – Chakna Dorje (Tib.)

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Vajrayogini – Dorje Neljorma (Tib.)

Vajrayogini, The Diamond Practitioner, has often been called the Buddha for our busy, hectic times.
Red in color and semi-wrathful, sixteen years old and beautiful, passionate with three eyes symbolizing her enlightened ability to see past, present and future simultaneously, she gazes upwards to the land of the Dakinis, with the power to guide serious practitioners directly to her Pure Land. Bhairava and Kalarati under Vajrayogini’s feet represent the hatred and attachment that Vajrayogini has overcome, and the enlightened activities of Vajrayogini herself, her stance symbolizing the union of method and wisdom. In Vajrayogini’s right hand is a curved flaying knife marked by a vajra scepter; in her left she holds a skull-cup filled with blood. These implements symbolize the wisdom that cuts through ignorance and the blissful clear light consciousness that has unified with wisdom.
Vajrayogini has smooth, flowing black hair symbolizing the unchanging nature of her enlightened nature. Supported on her left shoulder is a khatvanga, a staff representing her consort Heruka Chakrasamvara. Her body is naked, symbolizing her freedom from ordinary appearances and conceptions. Her bone ornaments symbolize the five perfections of the method aspect of the path to enlightenment, the skulls around her neck the purity of her speech and the fierce power of inner heat, or tummo practice. Vajrayogini stands on a double red triangle representing the heart of her mandala; the outer triangle symbolizes great bliss, the inner – emptiness.
It is said that Vajrayogini practice is special in that it confers quick, powerful blessings and attainments, contains the essence of all Tantric practices and enables the practice of both Generation and Completion stages simultaneously.

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