Vajrapani – Chakna Dorje (Tib.)


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Material: Canson Edition Etching Rag 310gsm 100% cotton

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Vajrapani – Chakna Dorje (Tib.)

Vajrapani is often found near the entrance to the shrine halls in Tibetan and Mongolian temples. Just as Tara represents that miraculous deeds and action of all buddhas, Holder of the Thunderbolt Diamond-like Scepter, represents their power. As an archetype of fierce determination in the conquest of negativity, Vajrapani represents the enlightened power of the perfect compassion of all the buddhas and is considered a protector of the Dharma, the Buddha’s teachings.

Depicted here standing in the alert, poised “warrior’s pose” on top of a sun disc, Vajrapani has a wrathful expression with three eyes – including a third wisdom eye – staring fiercely, his hair flame-like, his hands in a threatening gesture overcoming hindrances.

A tiger-skin loincloth represents fearlessness, and snakes of anger are controlled by the power of Vajrapani’s compassion. Flames of wisdom energy emanate out of his body.


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